Do you suspect you may have sleep apnea? Cortez Dental offers home sleep tests to monitor your sleep and check for inconsistencies in your breathing patterns while you sleep. This sleep test can be taken in the comfort of your own home, without the need for visiting a sleep clinic.

Simple and easy, this sleep kit is not only cost effective but also quick and quiet for the most natural results. While it does not deliver the full results of an overnight sleep study at a sleep center, it does track your breathing and oxygen levels, as well as the effort it takes to breathe while worn over night.

This sleep test usually requires only one night to complete. Diagnosis for sleep apnea must be made by a licensed medical professional, so Dr. Howard H. Pack will work in conjunction with your physician to determine the results of your sleep test.

We invite you to learn more information about our home sleep tests for sleep apnea in Cortez, Colorado, and to contact us today at 970-565-9569 to learn more about this service. Schedule a consultation with our dentist today to see how our home sleep tests may benefit you and help determine if you have sleep apnea.


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