Same Day Crowns in Cortez, CO

Same Day Crowns in Cortez, CO

Same-day crowns are a restorative treatment used to restore a tooth that has been damaged, fractured, or had a large cavity that requires a complete coverage restoration. Because same-day crowns can fully restore a patient’s tooth in one visit, they are often preferable over traditional dental crowns. At Cortez Dental, our dentists use CEREC technology to design and place same-day crowns. Thus, our dentist can quickly and safely create your new restoration while you wait in the office. 

Unlike a traditional dental crown that requires two visits to the dentist’s office for impressions and placement—one to take an impression of the tooth and one to place the crown—same-day crowns allow patients to have their restorations placed during a single appointment. This not only saves patients time but also money. Traditional dental crowns typically take much longer to create and place than same-day crowns. Same-day crowns also take less time to fit and adjust. In most cases, they are ready to use the same day they are created. 

Many patients prefer same-day crowns because they offer an easy, convenient option for restoring their smile in only one dentist visit. Patients can also leave with a new, fully functioning tooth rather than a temporary restoration that might need to be adjusted several times before the patient can use it.

The Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

  • No need for a temporary dental crown
  • Immediate results after your appointment 
  • A permanent dental crown at the end of your appointment 
  • Beautiful, natural-looking results 

The Process of Getting Same-Day Crowns

The dentist will assess the tooth that needs a crown and prepare it by removing any decayed or damaged portions. The tooth is then shaped and contoured to provide an ideal fit for the crown. A digital impression is taken using a specialized intraoral scanner instead of taking physical impressions using dental putty. This scanner captures detailed images of the prepared tooth and surrounding teeth, creating a 3D digital model. The dentist then uses computer software to design the crown based on digital impressions. They can customize the crown's shape, size, and color to match your natural teeth. 

The designed crown is sent to an in-office milling machine, where a block of ceramic material that matches your tooth shade is used to fabricate the crown. Once the crown is milled, the dentist will check its fit, color, and aesthetics. Any necessary adjustments can be made immediately. Once you and our dentist are satisfied, the crown is bonded to the prepared tooth using dental adhesive or resin cement. 

Same-day crowns offer a convenient and efficient solution for dental crown placement, providing durable and natural-looking restorations in a shorter time. To learn more about same-day crowns, contact Cortez Dental at 43 W. Montezuma Ave., Cortez, CO 81321, or call (970) 565-9569. 

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